Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Giving the support ; Holding their hands

Much apologies dear readers for the lack of update, been busy exploring ideas on implementing a long term social plan for 2 groups in consideration ( Either the ex-offenders Or the adults with mild disability) in my company and learning from social entrepreneurs how it has been done.

I have a heart for both of these groups because of my personal volunteering with them and sees how we can help them by embracing them back into our society, and treat them like one of us. And one of the way I am coming up with is to provide training and jobs opportunities for them.

For Ex-offenders, I have talked to a number of people and to many, it is still an issue that they struggle with because they have the belief that its a nature/habit that the ex-offenders have ingrained within them that is difficult to change. I do not deny it is untrue - but it is not for all. There are offenders in the prison through the time in incarceration have realized that it is not only them who are hurting, but also that of their family members and they are determined to make a change. And these are the people I believe we should lend a helping hand. Make them feel confident in saying "I am an ex-offender but I am a changed person" instead of hiding their past.

I remembered crying when they sang the song. For those who lack their family support (which is usually the case that they re-offend), can we be that missing support?

牽我的手 (國語翻譯)

牽我的手 我的主啊

牽我的手 我的主啊
有時我會怕 有時不知怎樣走

牽我的手 請祢跟我作伴
跟我講 進來我的子



牽我的手 我的主阿


牽我的手 我的主阿
有時我會驚 有時不知安怎行

牽我的手 請祢甲我作伴

甲我講 入來我的子

Same as I always tell my friend. For lower income family whose children are already in secondary school, I think the mother should come out in the working world and help add on to the family income and pull the family out of poverty. Help and encouragement must be provided for them to give them the courage to step back into the working world. Its not only for them but for the empowerment of their family - specially for their children. I have witness the difference and I hope these stay-home mothers ( whose children are independent enough then) to help lighten the load and stress of the poor fathers. Even well-to-do families have 2 persons working now - does it mean their children needs lesser attention that those who are in the lower income? I might receive some backlash for this - but do know I come from a sincere heart - and know that it makes a difference.

And for children/adults with mild disability either as a physical disability, mild autism or..., is there an avenue for them to become more independent so their parents can feel more assured for their children instead of constantly worrying (should anything happen to them what will happen to their 'child'). I have friends who are parents of children with autism and they know no where to look for support ; either than work hard and hope that they can set up a fund to ensure their child have sufficient support should anything happen to them.
I am thankful and delighted when I see schools set up for them to teach them skills and things of the mainstream school - building their foundation. And I am elated when I hear parents or companies setting up food places to let them train their learned skills practically.
Dignity Kitchen - which operates within the Balestier Market Food Court – is just like a food court, occupying a four-stall space and a classroom for lessons ( Which unfortunately closed last August 2010) and Happy Arts Vegetarian Cafe who employ metta adults giving them practical training during their school time and many others.

Will be meeting up with the various organizations the following week. Let's see how it goes. Do leave me a message if you have ideas!

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