Tuesday, May 12, 2020

HR: HR Connect Fest 2020

Concluding from a webinar from HR Connect Tech Fest 2020

<The future of talent attraction and how COVID is accelerating this>
In Outplacement People want to be seen as humans valued for who they are and their expertise
It is important to showcase a company culture extended where people leave in good spirits and will return back when the economy picks up
Example Air BnB
Showcasing the Leader's vulnerability - by highlight the challenges and need for restructure
Mental health Support 
Job support - Alumni placement teams
Allow the staff to keep their Laptop

Retaining of Talent
Provide value at every point that is important to them
Give them direction and exemplify the values of the company
Attraction is everyone's role, Not HR - Everyone is a talent ambassador

For a in-house recruiter, it is important to be sure about your company's value proposition and work on it. Do not borrow whatever is in trend, because the identity of the company needs to be similar to the experience as the one promised. 

Her own experience
Inculcate the culture that everyone is an ambassador so they will desire to share about the cool things they do in their way anywhere and everywhere 
Government Sector: *Serving the Public Good selflessly
Employees are encouraged to write on government service blog to discuss about issues
Get opportunities to speak at conferences and to share their experience 
Different learning Platforms to encourage continuous learning
Leading Chapters of their interest related to Public Good

Some questions that was asked: 
I have worked before in both European MNCs and local SMEs. As a HR Partner, how do we actually push for such cultural changes as SMEs owners don't see the need to change due to cost. Also, if main company is located in Japan (Asian Culture where input = output), how does HR come into the picture to drive such changes like digital workforce and output drive. Because these are all deeply sedated culture issues.
- User Insight : Lobby them for 6 to 12 months ( Showcase that its a crucial issue and in the long run will bring about cost savings)

With almost every company looking to hire within the same talent pool, what are some suggestions that smaller companies can look at to better compete in attracting and hiring their talents against their bigger competitors?
- MNCs and SMEs have their own pros and cons.
- MNCs are able to provide Accelerated learning - resources and good practices - however the employees are usually constrained into main tracks - where they re usually hired for specific domains and to move to different functions will face certain resistance.
- Value proposition for SMEs- one is allowed to pivot across domains and have direct connection to bosses

Staying ahead of the technology curve discussion
For most SME, there is no budget, No headcount to quantify the cost spent (investment dollars). One struggles to get the leads to embrace change and get the buy in 
Understanding the solutions
Removing the transaction stuff- streamline process- digitization -
building the business case:  man hour saved - how much business can we generate; employee experience ; improving productivity in the employee perspective 

Where do I start for the HR Transformation Journey
1. Ask the business heads and HR Team, what is the critical and pain point in the business right now? How do I get the right tech without minimal disruption to the current system? What is taking your time most? 
Example, if retention, what tech ? Example to increase engagement so outreach is greater. 
2. Diagnostic tools - pressing needs. 
3. Look around see what companies have done. HR Tech Market Map 2020. 
Talent Acquisition - Applicant Tracking System, Sourcing, Screening
Human Resource Management System - Enterprise, SMBs
Talent Engagement -  Employee Communication, Onboarding, Performance Management 
Talent Development - Coaching and mentoring, competency Management
Talent Operations - HR Automation and Bots, Payroll
Talent rewards - Benefits, Wellness,Compensation Management
Talent Analytics 
Talent Planning

HR Technology usage examples
Talent Acquisition- Blast messages to the people related to your role
Onboarding starts before people start work
An example a nudge to manager, reminding them if they have you gone through this and this 
Tools to increase productivity - right information at the right time to the right person at the fastest time - platform - enterprise platform facebook workplace ?
face to face- tool to structure the question and answer 
what kind of communication tools are you using - a technology to link up communication tools with your employee tools example, struggles with having to log onto multiple tools to approve different processes, like leave and procurement

Challenges in HR Landscape
- Digitization - how do we be smarter in doing work
- Questioning - people requiring more answers and direction
Future ready workforce: How do we become more creative with resources; how to help the employees learn, how do you ensure job fit (reskilling)

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