Saturday, May 16, 2020

#startinggood: Brand Storytelling

Consumers want more. To win hearts, you need an authentic purpose that resonates with people, and compels them to choose you. You need to position yourself, and you need a story.

Whats your story? Trigger emotions.
For your audience to feel, it needs to be relevant to them - and you need to feel- Resonate with them
Authentically humanize you
Most important audience is yourself. For you to come alive.

What is your brand?
How do people decipher them?

Confident storyteller - know who you are and what you are saying
Have or know the right audience - finding them out- Transforming of the story
Story types
- Founder story: finding of the business why that happened
- Purpose story: why are you doing what you are doing and why, - impact driven purpose story
- Values story : sharing behind the scene of what a particular value mean to you and your team to help your customers align with you
- value: how it helped your company
- impact : in business to support and help ; buy in to co create

Brand corner stone
All the good things that build up the personality of the brand
vision for the future
what is your impact model
what do you want to change
your purpose and value statement
your customer service methodology
Your whole team must know it
You tell a different story to different people -  who your buyers or investors are, how they buy and their decision criteria, how they source the information to decide
How do you show up in the world on top of having a good product
How do you communicate simply the impact and celebrate the milestones
Everyone is a hero in their own journey
Helping people find that transformation
Helping people connect with your purpose

what is the 5 second moment and how it transformed your world **
key tell the story, let it land; then hear from others how it relates and feel

1. Be Simple (something others can tell simply on your behalf ) (make as many stories)
2. its the little details that make it relatable with the audience

What makes you react (cry?)

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