Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Post 1: Circuit Breaker Singapore #30 Who am I and What do I want to be

7th April.The first Day of Circuit Breaker in Singapore.
And now its 6th May
Marking the one month of staying at home the best I can +
Got inspired by my SSEAYP friend Geraldine about detailing her time spent and reflections during this circuit breaker period, here are my reflections.

And the question comes back to am I where I am suppose to be? What do I do to survive. And whether its how we should be. Looking to survive life? Or Appreciating the gift of life?

Business: Lets start with the webinar Im listening now on how COVID-19 has impacted your business and how you rethink your business. This has been a question I have been pondering about with digitization and systems infiltration for my industry that I begin to doubt my existence and the need for us. 
What are the gaps I am suppose to fill? Could it be done better?
What are the areas I have done well and have been a blessing to?

Experiences in life
What can we do with our life? What have been blessed with? Is it for us to enjoy or to share the blessings?  
What else do I want to do, that I will regret not doing? 
What are my spiritual gifts? 
What experience can you share with others to encourage and support?
What else do I want to learn?

Relationship: Who are important to us? Have we spend time where it should be? Have we forgiven? Have we love?

I always envy the people God gives a clear direction to because its like answering the call every day of their life. Where they are given an open door and given a free pass. And I struggle with the thought of my thoughts. Of unknown choices. Fearful of the voices which could be my own and not that of God. Fearful of the wrong choices. 
But I got reminded God is sovereign. He gives you choices and there are no one way, its through the choices and your faith that he slowly reveals to you, like a present during all seasons, that's how good God is. 
But we all want the worldly benefits. The riches. The fame. The recognition. The success. 
And that's what clouds our mind, egging on the fears and worries. 
And we forget the precious gifts God gave us.
Time and Good Health. 
Appreciate the opportunities, Appreciate the ability to make choices, Appreciate you are given the seasons in life. 

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